Sunday, June 25, 2006

Joh for president!

Every now and then, I feel frustrated at the lack of progress of the economical and social situation in France. If I let my mind drift, I'll picture myself 20 years from now as a young, successful and popular Président de la République....
Who doesn't? That's all nice and fine, but what would I actually do to improve the situation?
The first step to build a programme is to identify the main issues. Racism and lack of integration of the black and north-african populations are one. Unemployment are another. Keeping the social benefits system afloat comes third. These issues are all related, so the priorities I have assigned are rather unimportant, all that matters is that those are the problems I would focus on.
The second step consists of identifying causes for these problems, and then devise solutions, points on which I will ellaborate later on.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

WorldCup: France goes on

The victory over Togo 2-0 allows France to reach the 8th finals. The team dared to take risks, forward players kept attacking. There were many failed passes, which sometimes resulted in dangerous situations for France. Happily, Togo had its share of lost balls too, and was not too good at exploiting spaces in the french back line.
That game was played without Zidane, and I think that was the main reason France finally scored. Zidane is an artist who likes dribbling, but that is no longer an advantage. Unfortunately, I bet he'll be back for the game against Spain, so don't expect France to score much in that game. Since our defense is pretty tight, especially against teams we don't underestimate, I don't expect many goals from Spain either.
Football experts on SVT, the state-owned swedish TV channel, are rather good I must say. They really bring something in terms of explaining the game, and why teams are succeeding/failing. I don't remember experiencing that on any french TV channel, especially not on TF1 during the Roland-Larqué period.

Today Sweden plays against Germany for the first 8th-final. I hope Swedes will win, but I don't think so.