Friday, July 14, 2006


... is misbehaving again. I don't quite understand their military operations in Gaza. How does bombing power stations going to help free the soldier?
Recent actions in Lebanon are even worse. Despite what Bush says, military intervention on another country's soil is considered an act of war, which for UN members is illegal. Yes, Hizbolla striked first, but as far as I know, they are not Lebanon's army. I don't see how bombing Beyrout's airport is going to help either.

Chirac has just demanded for a UN force to be sent there, I wonder what our dear friends from the other side of the ocean will have to say.

Not too bad, after all

It turns out Zidane was not so slow and uninspired after all... Congratulations to the French team, they proved experience does compensate for lack of energy. The fact that France managed to go to the final without playing any extra time must have helped. They even looked a lot fresher than the Italians, on the end.
Zidane left the field on a rather odd and ugly way. Well, I guess he's just a man after all. While I understand his reaction, it's a pity half the planet (in particular kids) got to see it.
I hope the Italian guy will get his share of blame and punishment.