Sunday, March 25, 2007

You gotta love them...

Politicians are just like that, "s'ils n'existaient pas, il faudrait les inventer" ("if they didn't exist, one should invent them").
Swedish highschool students were visiting the Swedish parliament. The newly elected leader of the social-democrat party (Mona Salin) decided to give a talk about marijuana. She explained marijuana was bad, then mentioned she had tried once in her youth. For those who might be worried she would soon turn into a junkie she reassuringly declared there was no such risk. You see, she just "tried once". In my opinion, telling youth it's ok to try drugs "just once" ranks high on the all-time stupidest things to do.
Just as if the visiting youth weren't fucked up enough already... When asked about a potential new law allowing the police to bug anyone without permission from a judge, a group of three students declared how enthusiastic they were about the law. Since they were honnest citizen, they didn't see any problem with the police being allowed to spy on them.

Unrelated to that, I received a mail from the French ambassy I was allowed to vote for the French presidential elections from here in Sweden. Considering I thought they had lost my registration papers, it's a pleasant surprise. Now I'll have to pay a little less attention to the absurdities coming out of Swedish politicians, and listen to the infinite wisdom (ahem) of French candidates.